Wicked Grand Prix Series

The Wicked Grand Prix Series is a great way to get our runners out there on a variety of different courses, push them to expand their abilities to complete various distances and terrains, and allow them to grow as a runner.  The Wicked Grand Prix Series also focuses on getting our members to know each other and create lasting friendships.  One of the best things about The Wicked Running Club is the encouragement you get from your fellow runners at a race.  Wearing the “Wicked Red” at a race gets you tons of attention from other Wickeds.  To this end, we encourage all Wicked members to attend as many Grand Prix Series races as possible.

The Wicked Grand Prix Series allows runners of all abilities to compete, and challenges them to gain rewards through our scoring system.  Scoring starts at 10 points for the final Wicked runner to cross the finish line, then moves up one point for each additional runner (i.e. The second runner scores 11, third runner scores 12, etc.).  Therefore, the more Wicked Grand Prix Series races you complete, the better chance you have to gain recognition at the Annual Wicked Banquet.  The top runners for both male and female will be recognized as “Wicked Champion”, and the top 3 for each division will also be rewarded for those who finish at least 6 of the 8 races, not including the Relays.  Divisions include male and female categories for Youth Open (19 and under), Open (20-29), Sub Master (30-39), Master (40-49), Senior (50-59), and Veteran (60+). To be considered a series finisher, a member must run 6 out the 8 races. The Lynn Woods Relay and Mill Cities Relay do not count towards the 8 races, but are tallied up to add bonus points to a member’s score. You must race the event and achieve a ranked standing in the official event results to receive credit for a race. At the sole discretion of the Race Director, there may be additional recognition for “iron runners” who complete all races.

2019 Wicked Grand Prix Series


Check the final results at the Wicked Banquet on 2/29








7.1 Mile


April 28


Earth Rock Run 


13.1 Mile


May 5


Run/Walk for the Beach




June 9


Run For The Hills  




July 13


Lynn Woods Relay


2.5 Mile

Lynn Woods

August 21


Derby Street Mile 


1 Mile


August 23


Lone Gull




September 22


Fall Frolic




October 6


Wild Turkey


5 Mile


November 28


Mill Cities Relay


2.5 – 9.5 Mile

Nashua to Lawrence

December 8


2018 Wicked Grand Prix Series
March 31, April Fools (Winners Circle) 4 Miler, Salisbury (Race Website/Results)

April 8, Andrea Carey Memorial 5K, Peabody (Race Website/Results)

May 20, Trav’s Trail Race 3 Miles, Newburyport (Race Website/Results)

June 3, Twin Lobster Half Marathon, Gloucester (Race Website/Results)

August 22, Lynn Woods Relay, 2.5 Miles (Race Website/Results)

August 24, Derby Street Mile, Salem (Race Website/Results)

September 30, Lone Gull 10K, Gloucester  (Race Website/Results)

October 20, Pink Angels 5K Trail, Lynn Woods (Race Website/Results)

November 22, Wild Turkey 5 Miler, Salem (Race Website/Results)

December 2, Mill Cities Relay, 2.5-9.5 Miles, Nashua to Lawrence (Race Website/Results)

Click here to view the FINAL GRAND PRIX SCORING

2017 Wicked Grand Prix Series
April 23, Run for the Troops 5K (race website/results)

May 21, Trav’s Trail Run (race website/results)

June 23, Beverly Relays (race website/results)

August 23, Lynn Woods Relay (race website)

August 25, Derby Street Mile (race website/club results/Grand Prix results)

September Lone Gull 10K (results)

October 15, North Shore Cancer RUN (race website/results)

October 22, Baystate Half Marathon (race website/results)

November 23, Wild Turkey 5 Miler (race website/results)

December 3, Mill Cities Relay (race website)

Overall results through the Baystate Half and Full Marathon.

2016 Wicked Grand Prix Series
  • April 3, Run for the Troops, Andover (results)
  • May 15, The Fast Half, Hamilton (results)
  • May 22, Trav’s Trail Run, Newburyport (results)
  • June 4, Stride for Health Communities (results)
  • August 24, Lynn Woods Relay, Lynn
  • August 26, Derby Street Mile, Salem (results)
  • September 25, Lone Gull 10k, Gloucester (results)
  • October 1, Rowley Poker Run 5k, Rowley (results)
  • November 24, Wild Turkey 5m, Salem (results)
  • December 4, Mill Cities Relay (race website)
2016 Overall Results and 2016 Division Results
2015 Wicked Grand Prix Series
2014 Wicked Grand Prix Series
Final Results for 2014

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