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I joined Wicked to meet other local runners and join in the social activities. I have met so many fabulous people through the club who motivate and challenge me to be a better runner. Plus I love hearing “Go Wicked” yelled at every race!


I joined “Wicked Running Club” after becoming friendly with Krissy and other Wicked runners at the Lynn Woods races. When The Woods ended they invited me to the Danvers 5K. All the runners were so friendly and welcoming. I now have many friends with the slowest Runner sets’ the Pace and my running has already improved!! So Happy to be A “Wicked Runna.”


Certainly my running has improved since joining Wicked. But since Wicked places a high priority on it’s role in community service, being a member has given me an opportunity to engage with our wonderful and diverse North Shore region, giving back and learning from it.


When Doug and I founded the club over a decade ago, I never imagined the club that would emerge. Its amazing what you can start with 10-15 people that love to run and be part of a bigger community. Salem and Wicked Running are definitely part of the running boom in New England and beyond.


I joined Wicked to find a running partner and found an entire group! I love that Wicked offers so many chances to run. I love the diversity of all the groups in wicked Slowest runner sets the pace, Forrest River Saturday run, Doughnut run, Tuesday Thursday Morning group, & No Rest for the Wicked. Best club around!


I joined Wicked back in 2009 when I first started running (September 30, 2009 was first run and was at D5K). I joined Wicked because of all the friends I met via the D5K. I figured it would be a good way for me to meet new friends with a lot of the same interests etc, and boy was I right. The club has also helped me become a better runner through the members I have met and the programs wicked offers such as track workouts on Tuesday night.


I joined Wicked Running Club because of he support of this amazing group of people!


Being a long time member of the Wicked Running Club not only helped me to commit to and achieve my running goals, but it also introduced me to a great group of like-minded fitness friends I never would have met otherwise.


In my short time being a member of Wicked, I was on the Male Masters Team taking 3rd place at the Mill Cities Relay and ran a PR in the Wicked Frosty Four and the Great Stew Chase. Great club!


Club member since 2011

I have some news, I got a number for the Boston Marathon! I am running with the Liver Team that is why I have not been to the Saturday runs of late… I also would like to thank you guys for having the Saturday runs. It got me out of bed knowing you all were down there and kept me running in the winter as well as during the week because I wanted to keep up with you guys… Thank you guys so much…


Club member since 2011

I’ve always liked how club members support each other. Last year I ran the Boston Marathon and had an 80’s dance night fundraiser. I put the word out to the club and probably 20 people from Wicked showed, many of whom didn’t even know me but wanted to support a fellow Wicked runner.


Club member since 2008

The best part about Wicked Running Club is that I’ve made some of my closest friends through the club. When I first moved to Salem I wasn’t a runner. Joining the club gave me tons of motivation and the opportunity to meet some terrific people. Wicked members cheer for each other at races; they encourage all runners no matter their speed; they volunteer and have a great time at events. We’ve got slow, mid-pack and super fast runners and all of them get support and smiles from club members. If I weren’t in this club, I doubt I would have completed first marathon in 2010. Go Wicked!


Club member since 2007

Not only has being a member of the Wicked Running Club made running more enjoyable and a lot less lonely for me, it has also introduced me to many great people I would have never met otherwise. It feels good to have one group of friends where we are all equal as runners regardless of age, ability or anything else we have going on in our lives. Its a great support system that has improved my overall running tremendously.


Club member since 2004

Since I joined the club, I’ve not only improved my running ability and knowledge, but more importantly, it is the support of Wicked members that have kept me going! I’m running for my health primarily, and if I can improve my pace that’s a good thing too. Whether it be a race that I haven’t done, I have always been able to find someone who has run it before and provided me with helpful tips. The Toomey Running Clinics have brought me to a new level, and I’ve run distances that I never thought I could of before. I’m proud to be a member of such a positive group of caring people, it is not just a running club it is so much more, go Wicked.


Club member since 2007

When I joined Wicked, I was still new to running in general. I had always had the impression that runners were untouchable and not friendly. Two days after I joined Wicked, I found my impression was far from the truth. I was registered for a race and thought I didn’t know anyone else running it. So I arrived more jittery than usual, because there’s always comfort in seeing a friendly face at the start of any race. When I arrived, I was quickly approached by Tim Short and Rich Tomlins, also Wicked members. Now, Tim and Rich have been members of the club for few years, and have been running long before that even. Despite the fact that they are both light years ahead of me in running, and way faster than me, they still invited me to warm up with them, and they absolutely made me feel welcomed despite the difference in running ability. It made no difference to them that I warmed up at a slower pace. But the best part about it? They were waiting for me at the finish line! And I have learned that is the norm with all Wicked club members…no matter the distance, pace, or weather, we all start together and wait for every member to finish, and that makes me feel great every time. It’s such an awesome feeling to have people cheering you on, and to know that I too can support people in accomplishing their goals. Whenever I see a Wicked face at an event now, it’s like I’m on home turf every time!


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