Team Wicked Nation

Team Wicked Nation is the fundraising group from the Wicked Running Club that has participated in a variety of events around the region to raise money for a number of worthy causes.

The Wicked Running Club has been involved with the planning and running of the North Shore Cancer Run since its inception in 2009. Over that time, Team Wicked Nation has raised nearly $20,000 to support oncology services at North Shore Medical Center and the Massachusetts General/North Shore Cancer Center including renovations, clinical trials, wellness services such as massage and acupuncture to help alleviate pain and nausea, as well as supportive care programs for patients and their families.

To join the 2016 team, please contact Marissa Rodriguez, team leader or visit the North Shore Cancer Run page to register.

Race YearAmount RaisedTeam Members
2011$3200.00Beth Dixon, Kelly Gifford, Stephanie Hagyard, Laura Knight, Valerie Mathews, Leeanne Nagle, Jenn Pelletier, Marissa Rodriguez, Tim Short, Courtney Silver, Mariko Weston
2012$4754.00John Ayers, Laurie Brennan, Ronald Devoe, Beth Dixon, Tennille Doyle, Susie Frasca, Kelly Gifford, Judy Glock, Michael Harvey, Lisa Kelly, Marissa Rodriguez, Tim Short, Greg Snow, Rich Tabbut
2013$2965.00Tin Bartholomew, Laurie Brennan, Jessica Capano, Herb Cohn, Ronald Devoe, Lisa DiBella, Lindsay Dorman, Kristen Field, Lauren Gabel, Beth Griffin, Lisa Kelly, Kristen Belmonte, Tim Short, Patrick Smith, Rich Tabbut
2014$650.00Scott Carrier, Lisa DiBella, Sandra Hutchinson, Leighton O’Connor
2015$4120.00Doug Berk, David Bishop, David Buchta, Katie Canizaro, Herb Cohn, Gary Freedman, Beth Griffin, Lisa Kelly, Krissy Kozlosky, Amy McKinnon, Oti Pizarro, Marissa Rodriguez, Tim Shot, Rachel Wallack
2016$4060.00Julie Arrison-Bishop, David Bishop, David Fink, Gary Freedman, Vanessa Freedman, Denis Garriepy, Ana Gordan, Sarah Gordon, Beth Griffin, Lisa Kelly, Gilda Melcher, Nancy Roby, Marissa Rodriguez

Team Wicked Nation has supported the Run for the Troops 5K since 2015 by participating in the Team Challenge. Proceeds from the race support local veteran services including Homes for Troops and IronStone Farm.

To be a part of the 2017 Team Challenge, please register here!

Team Wicked Nation has also helped with fundraising and event promotion for the Run to Home Base program.

If you have a group of Wicked members that are fundraising for a race and would like to be considered to be a part of Team Wicked Nation, email

Team Wicked Nation helped with fundraising and event promotion for the Franklin Park Coalition Boston Marathon charity team from 2012 – 2014. Club members helped to raise over $180,000 in this time period to support recreational  and cultural opportunities for at-risk youth in the Greater Boston area.

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