Donation Policy

Wicked Running Club believes in giving back to the community and supporting local organizations and groups whenever possible. As a club we help organize, operate and participate in charity events such as the annual Holiday Toy Drive. Two of the club’s annual races benefit local students: proceeds from the Frosty Four Road Race fund scholarships for North Shore high-school students and proceeds from Miles Over the Moon are awarded to local teams or organizations that need running-related assistance.

“Team Wicked Nation” is the official fundraising “leg” of the organization where club members can run as a team for a charity of choice. Several club members have run as a charity team under Team Wicked Nation for the Run to Home Base.

Many of our members participate as individuals or teams in charity athletic events (as part of Team Wicked Nation or for nonprofit organizations directly) and we applaud this approach to charitable giving. We offer club members the opportunity to solicit donations via the club group email list, social media pages, and at club events. We receive many requests for donations to help support members’ efforts. While we would love to be able to help everyone, it is just not feasible. The board has elected to award 12 donations per year in the form of complimentary race registrations to either Miles Over the Moon (July) or the Wicked Frosty Four (January). Organizations are also welcome to request a race registration donation, however, club members get preference.

We have assembled the following rules and guidelines to help streamline the process:

  • The beneficiary organization or charity event must be located within the State of Massachusetts.
  • Club members get preference over outside requests.
  • Charities with missions that are closely aligned with the club’s mission, or are operated by or affiliated with club members get first consideration (examples are organizations such as Girls on the Run, Boys & Girls Clubs, Achilles International, For Jake’s Sake, Franklin Park Coalition, etc.)
  • All requests must be made at least two weeks out from the date of the event where the race application is to be awarded. Any request made with less than two weeks remaining before the event will be declined.
  • Donation requests received between July and December will receive an entry to the Wicked Frosty Four road race (New Year’s Day each year).
  • Donation requests received between January and June will receive an entry to Miles Over the Moon (mid-July each year).
  • A qualified applicant (club member or charity) is limited to ONE donation within a 12-month period. A total of 12 donations will be awarded per year.
  • Wicked Running Club reserves the right to accept or deny any donation request.
  • We do not donate to religious or political organizations.

If you or your organization meets the above listed criteria, please email, the following information:

  • Names of club member(s) on the charity team or affiliated with the charity (if applicable).
  • Beneficiary of fundraising event, or charity name if a direct donation.
  • Date of fundraising event (if applicable).
  • Location of event (if applicable).
  • Mission of charity.
  • Fundraising event details, or details about how the donation will be used.
  • Contact information including a phone number and email.

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