Boston Marathon

Consider this page your “one-stop-shop” for information pertaining to club participation in the Boston Marathon. The next running of the Boston Marathon will take place on Monday, April 17, 2017.

Boston Marathon Mile 17 Gel Stop Opportunity

Each year, the Wicked Running Club is tasked with providing 50 volunteers to hand out gels at the Clif Gel Stop at Mile 17. The approximate time of volunteer duty is 8:15 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. due to road closures. Volunteers must be prepared to commit to a variety of weather conditions and be able to lift 25 pounds. Duties include passing gels to runners, setup and breakdown of the stop, and minor crowd control.

Details for the 2018 opportunity will be available in the near future.

Volunteers must be current Wicked members and available for the full volunteer shift. After registration is open for two weeks to Wicked members, the board will consider opening registration to friends and family of Wicked members.

Boston Marathon Member Profiles

Meet the 2017 Wicked members who represented the club from Hopkinton to Boston on Marathon Monday!


Allison Rickenbach says:

It’s hard for me to pick one favorite race because there are so many races that stand out in my memory, all for different reasons.  That said, my favorite marathon was definitely the 2012 Maine Marathon.  I ran my marathon PR there, despite terrible weather conditions, and ran it with a great group of Wicked friends (Dawn Cobak, Sarah Carrier, Alison Phelan, and Nicolle Quinn).  We trained together and raced together…the camaraderie was amazing.
That camaraderie is exactly what I am looking forward to the most now that I have begun training for Boston. This is the first marathon I have trained for since having a baby, so I am eager to reconnect with my former training partners, particularly for my long runs.  Marathon training is all-consuming; it’s almost as if you are taking on an entirely new identity.  To have other people to run with, support me, cry with me when the pain starts (HA!), is not only necessary but it’s the best part of marathon training to me.


Kim Muse says:

I am SO excited for this opportunity!  It’s funny because I crossed the finish line of my first half marathon in 2013 and said “I will NEVER run a full marathon.”  Apparently I’m easily persuaded, because Boston will be my 5th marathon!

Chicago has to be my favorite marathon because it was my first and is the race that got me hooked.  The entire experience from training to finish line was extremely positive.  The crowds, thousands of other runners and entire vibe the city had during the weekend was amazing!  I know Boston will be a similar experience!
I’m planning to run the Black Cat 20 miler and Eastern States 20 miler as part of my training for Boston.  I’ve run both in the past, and they are a BLAST!  I’m most looking forward to sharing those long runs with hundreds of other runners, and hope to see some Wicked runners out there too!  I also have my fingers crossed that this winter treats us well so I can get out on the roads as much as possible and not spend too much quality time with my treadmill!

Boston Marathon Bus Transportation from the North Shore

We will share details about the North Shore Striders Boston Marathon bus transportation when details become available in early 2018.

In past years, the North Shore Striders provided transportation for runners officially registered for the Boston Marathon. Two spacious 54-person restroom-equipped buses delivered runners marathoners from the North Shore directly to Hopkinton on Monday, April 17, 2017. Please read the bus descriptions carefully as there are important differences. Runners in waves 1 or 2 MUST be on Bus #1.


Additional Boston Marathon Info

Click here for additional info about the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon Invitational Numbers for Wicked

The Wicked Running Club has received two invitational numbers from the Boston Athletic Association since 2012. The application for interested runners is now posted. The deadline for completed applications is Friday, December 1 at 3:00 p.m. Applications must be emailed to Yvette Tetreault <>.

We have not received direct communication from the Boston Athletic Association about the status of invitational numbers for the 2018 Boston Marathon. We expect to have numbers mailed to us by mid-December, but do not know prices, the amount of bibs, or other details. We know that the application process is not as smooth this year and for that we apologize!

Eligible candidates must be active and paid Wicked Running Club members. Application criteria is based upon volunteer service to the club, participation in club events, and participation in club relays and the Wicked Grand Prix Series.

Runners will be selected at the December Board of Directors meeting and announced soon after.

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