Track Workouts with Coach Braz start this Tuesday 4/30 at BHS! Open to all levels, and one of the best Club perks, this is your chance to run with teammates of all levels and improve your speed. This year, some of our friends from the North Shore Striders will be joining; let’s give them a Wicked Welcome! Facebook for more info

A few Track and Prep Guidelines/Suggestions:

First off, track is not intimidating and it is meant for all levels.

Groups will be split by 5k times (from 15 min 5k to walk/run 5k) Have a general idea of your 5K time – if you do not know your time, no worries – we will find the appropriate group for you.

We want to warm up and be ready for 6:30 start (arrive early enough to get in ten minutes of warm-up laps)

Dynamic stretching will be implemented after warm up

We need to be respectful of Beverly High Sporting events on the field/track and remember they have first option. We can work around anything as long as everyone is supportive and flexible.

Adjustments to your training will be made for onsite as we’ll see people on a regular basis, receive feedback and observe progression.

The program is for people of all levels. As a staff, we will do everything in our power to individualize your program on a week to week basis

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