Congratulations to Kevin Power who has been selected as the member of the month for December 2017!

Kevin will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to New England Running Company as a thank you!

Kevin joined Wicked in 2012 and over the last five years has spent countless hours voulunteering and helping out at our races. He is also one of our biggest recruiters and always spreading good words about Wicked to those he notices not wearing “red” at a race! It was for this dedication and encouragment to others over the past five years that he was selected as a Wicked Ambassador for 2017!

Here is a little background on Kevin and his passion for running Wicked…

Thank you for selecting me as a member of the month.

After playing a year of freshman football in high school it was suggested that maybe I should pursue another sport! Cross country and track weren’t full, so I was running the streets in the fall and track in the spring. Running really helped my stamina for hockey so I just ran all year. There were not many races or even clubs back then so running  was mostly singular. I mostly ran to stay sane. 

I had been attending Boston as a spectator since 1968 but I wasn’t there in 1980 to “see” or “not see” Rosie! Then In 1993 a few of my friends decided to run  Boston. With 6 weeks training and a long run of only 9 miles I became a bandit. My parents were going to be at Mile 21 with my daughter Elyssa but when I got there I didn’t see them. Very disappointed I kept on but thinking that maybe they were just buried in the crowd. Just shy of mile 23 I decided to go back. Yes they were right where I told them to be. My first marathon ended up being 30 miles!

I joined Wicked in 2012 and like most of the members, quickly realized the club becomes your extended family. We meet so many people that become friends outside of running. I’ve been very lucky to meet a very close acquaintance (girlfriend) nicknamed Sue Dog. I fondly say that although she is slower than me, I’ve been chasing her for a long time!

 I’m happy to say running remains a passion in me even while I limp along these days.


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