We’ll be working on transitioning duties to the 2018 Board of Directors in the coming weeks. Thank you to those that volunteered to be a part of the board and to serve our members in the coming year!

By January 1, all communications will be transitioned to these members and the website will be updated. If you need anything in the meantime, don’t hesitate to email wickedpresident@gmail.com.

I’m pleased to announce the line up for the 2018 Board of Directors (BOD). As might be expected with all nine positions being uncontested, all the candidates that signed up for the positions won. Here is the list of Board officers for next year beginning January 1, 2018. Thank you to all the candidates for volunteering their time to serve the club for the upcoming year.

President——————Kelly Pheulpin

Vice President———–T.R. Ramsdell

Secretary—————–Donna Marden

Treasurer———————Lisa DiBella

Membership Director—-Pete Graves

Clothing Director——Krissy Kozlosky

Member at Large———-Doug Bollen

Member at Large———-Deb Everett

Member at Large———Kevin Power

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