The Mill Cities Relay is fast approaching. If you’ve run this with us in the past, stop reading and send TR an email immediately and get your name on the list.

Send along:
Your name
Your age
your gender
your preferred leg, or leg you wont run
would you like to be captain
your recent 5k time
anything special I need to know

If you haven’t been part of this before, let us explain what you’re in for. The relay takes place on Sunday, December 3, and is quite possibly the most fun you’ll ever have wearing running shoes. The race begins in Nashua, NH, and meanders it’s way along the Merrimack River, traveling a total distance of 27 miles. Along the way, you and your 4 team mates will run varying length legs along a beautiful course ending up at The Claddagh Pub in Lawrence, MA. Now, as much fun as it is running with your Wicked team mates, the most fun is “leap frogging” around the course and getting everyone to their transition areas on time.

This is an invitational race, and Wicked is very lucky to be included in The Mill Cities Alliance. As such, they have some rules we need to abide by. First of which, is that we need to enter teams that fit the Alliance criteria. We can’t have a team with a 30 year old female, a 40 year old male, and a 50 year old female. For this reason, TR will be setting up the teams so everyone has a potential to score points for the Wicked Running Club and follow the rules of the Alliance.

Every year, there are a few folks that get nervous about running on a team with people they don’t know. Why? This is the best way to get to know some other members that you might never have had a conversation with. Every member that has run this has made a new running buddy or drinking buddy.

The Mill Cities Alliance has also made a change to improve course logisitcs and safety for 2017. The “sunshine start” will be used not only for runners above a certain age group but also for teams projected to run slower than an 11:00 minute/mile average. Sunshine Start teams will run 17 miles, or legs 3, 4,5 and 5. The start will be at the vocational school at 8:45 a.m. This group of runners will not be able to score points for the club in the Alliance but WILL earn their bonus points in the Wicked Grand Prix.

With both of these in mind, we want ALL TYPES OF RUNNERS OF ALL SPEEDS. Distances include mileage of  5.4, 4.75, 2.5, 9.5, and 4.75 mil

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