By: Eileen Spear, 2017 Run for the Troops Coordinator

Although not in the Wicked Grand Prix series this year, the Run for the Troops is a great race that Wicked has participated in. We’re looking for 25 members to join the Team Challenge. Perks of the challenge include:

  • Custom race shirts imprinted with Wicked Running Club
  • Wicked Running Club members tent to enjoy pre- and post- race activities
  • Express number pick up
  • Team parking
  • Opportunity to win team awards

While the weather outside was frightful in 2016, we expect it to be delightful in 2017. The race has been moved up three weeks to (hopefully) miss any last hints of winter! We hope you’ll join us on April 23.

Run for the Troops supports a number of veteran services including Homes for Troops and IronStone Farm.

Online registration is open and a Wicked team is setup, just look on the list. Registration is $27 and there is no online fee…so really is $27. Link to register is: Be sure to search for Wicked to join the team!

Any questions can be directed to Eileen Spear.

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