Members of Wicked get ready to run around Lake Winnipesaukee

It was a beautiful day to run around at Lake on September 7th, Lake Winnipesaukee that is. The Annual Fred Brown Relay Around Lake Winnipesaukee celebrated 25 years with a total of 82 teams. The Wicked Running Club sent a club record 5 teams! That was 40 Wicked Runners taking on the very popular and hilly relay.

While the day belonged to the Wicked Wildcats who finished first among WRC teams entered with an overall time of 8:45:08, the true accomplishment was bringing together a combination of newer members and veteran members of Wicked for an enjoyable event.

The 5 teams that Wicked entered where all in the Mixed Open Division and those results are listed below.  Here is the link to the full results page:

Place     O’All     Team Name                                       Category        Bib#     Time           Pace

6             31           WICKED WILDCATS                     MIXED OPEN     11          8:45:08       8:04

7             37           WICKED RUNNING REBELS           MIXED OPEN      8           9:06:03       8:24

9             44            WICKED MOVES                          MIXED OPEN      12          9:17:50       8:35

15           58            WICKED WARRIORS                      MIXED OPEN     10          9:35:01      8:50

21           72             WICKED BADASS                        MIXED OPEN       9            10:05:48   9:19

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