The 2013 Wicked Grand Prix Series has been determined! The Grand Prix Series is an internal club series where members compete against each other at events chosen by the Board of Directors annually. The purpose of the series is to increase member participation in the club, have fun, and provide opportunities for members to get together at races in the local area.

The races were chosen to represent a wide range of distances at different locales throughout the area. The distances vary from 1 mile to a 1/2 Marathon, enough to satisfy any runner. There are a total of 11 races in the series, 8 regular and 3 relays. We have estimated dates for events not posted yet. T.R. Ramsdell and Don Gallucci are returning this year as race co-coordinators after a successful series in 2012. Also returning this year are both the Individual Grand Prix series and the Team Grand Prix series. The purpose of the team series is to ensure that all runners, regardless of ability, can compete against each other in a team format. Please feel free to email T.R. with questions, comments or suggestions!

2013 Wicked Grand Prix Series Schedule





  • Derby Street Mile
  • Where: Salem, MA
  • Date: 8/16/13 *tentative date*
  • Lynn Woods Relay
  • Where: Lynn, MA
  • Date:  8/21/13 *tentative date*


  • Lake Winnipesaukee Relay
  • Where: Weirs Beach, NH
  • Date: 9/7/13 *tentative date*
  • Lone Gull 10k
  • Where: Gloucester, MA
  • Date: 9/15/13 *tentative date*



  • Wild Turkey 5 Miler
  • Where: Salem, MA
  • Date 11/21/13


  • Mill Cities Relay
  • Where: Nashua, NH
  • Date: 12/1/13 *tentative date*
  • Festivus 5K
  • Where: Salem, MA
  • Date: 12/15/13 *tentative date*

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