Hello Wicked Membership,┬áNow that we’re all done with that “other” election held this week, it’s time for the really important stuff; The annual Wicked Board of Directors Election.
Well the nominations are in, and the candidates have given their speeches.The best part? No negative ads. I’m happy to report that all 9 positions on the Wicked Board of Directors (BOD), have been spoken for.
At the General Membership meeting held this past Monday, all 9 candidates introduced themselves and spent a few minutes letting those in attendance get to know them a little more.
Voting will take place via surveymonkey.com and polls will close on Tuesday night, Nov 13, @ midnight. This is your right as a member of this club, so please participate, it only takes a couple minutes. Thanks! If you have not received the email with the Survey Monkey link please get in touch with Tennille Doyle. If you have any questions shoot me an email.

T.R.-V.P.Wicked Running Club

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