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When runners approached the Power Gel Station at Mile 16.8 in the Boston Marathon, they were greeted by some “Wicked” awesome volunteers! This year the Wicked Running Club took over the entire Power Gel Station and did a fantastic job at making sure every runner who wanted a little extra boost in energy got their favorite flavor of  the Gel. 

A combination of Wicked Runners,  family members and friends of the club made the Power Gel Station a welcome sight for each and every runner.

John Mahoney who was the organizer and Team Captain of the volunteers had this to say:  “I feel privileged that I got to lead this group. We had people from all corners of Wicked (Mon Slow Runs, Tue & Thu AM runs, Thu evening runs, D5K’s, and, of course the Sat AM runs). In addition, many Wicked members got friends and family to volunteer too. We could have never gotten such a large group without this large, diverse effort”. 

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Thank you to the Wicked runners, family members and friends of the club who made the 114th Boston Marathon a great success. Below is the name of each volunteer:

Julie Arrison, Christine Baron, Daniel Barrett, Robert Bevington, Doug Bollen, Michele Campbell, Gifford Campbell, Kristine Capua, Sarah Carrier, Henry Clarke, Tim Clarke, Maggie Delaney, Don Dunlop, Sue-ann Dunlop, Adam Fitch, Laurie Fontaine, Gail Gordon, Donna Greenberg, Robert Guay, Stephanie Hagyard, Brant Henne, Shari Hewson, Kenneth Hewson, Rachel Hunt, Melissa Jaynes, Darla Johnson, Susan Keezer, Frank Kilroy Jr. , Robin Lermond, Julia Long, Colin Maclay, John Mahoney (Team Captain), Beverly Marra, Amy Maysa, John Mcdonough, Katherine Moskal, Mia Mountain, Melissa Murphy, Beth O’grady, Alison Phelan, Rosemary Poppe, T.R. Ramsdell, Courtney Ramsdell, Denise Ramsdell, Cynthia Roberts, Allison Rourke, Debbie Shahidi, Billy Shea, Nicole Short, Ann Sousa, Deb Touchette, Stephen Touchette, Elizabeth Touchette, Jeanne Vural, Jacqueline Washburn, Rick Wilson, Amy Zolla, Christina Zolla and Kathleen Zolla.

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